Thursday, December 23, 2010


House of  éprouver was established on the campus of the University of Alabama on August 30, 2010. We are an organization with the mindset of taking fashion to the next level. We want to give students an experience of the fashion industry like no other organization. We are stepping outside of the "NORM" to provide students with insight into the world of fashion and self-expression. The aspirations of this group are centered around giving a true representaion of all the benefits the fashion industry has to offer. We are excited about the plans that are in store. Hopefully this gives you a glimpse of our vision for this organization and inspires you to think twice about how much fashion influences our lives.


Courtnee Davis

Vice President
Kristen Ward

2nd Vice President
Wynton Austin

Treasurer & Secretary
Coresa N. Hogan

Public Relations Director
Ashley Huntley

Randy Bowden

Media Director
Lauren Ward

Executive Assistants:
Mischa Lewis
Keira Williams
Sydnee Marsh

Thaydra Carter
Brooke Searcy
Alice Ejemole


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Our mission is to give individuals a reason to celebrate their interest in fashion by exposing them to the vision and aesthetic attributes of the culture, lifestyle, and business of the fashion industry. By providing an environment to experience the industry, there will be an allowance for fashion to become a fundamental part of life.